Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shopping Malls in Chandigarh - Know More About Chandigarh Market

Shopping in Chandigarh is a very Lovely experience. Luxuriant shopping malls, swish arcades, posh crowd, fountains, sculptures and array of trees makes shopping in Chandigarh typically Indian.

You will never have to worry about where to shop in Chandigarh. In supermarket at city centre, you can find virtually anything on earth. Automobile centers are located in sector 28 and 21, Book shops at sector 14,17,19 and 22, electronic goods at sector 17 and 22, Garments at sector 17,22 and 9, Hardware at sector 7,18 and 22, medical stores at sector 11,16 and 22 and fruit and vegetable stalls at 19,20 and 22. If you need imported clothes, you can go to big stores located at the city centre. The furniture shops in Chandigarh are equipped with a wide variety of furniture including exotic sofa sets, tables, TV trollies etc.

A number of gift shops are open at every nook and corner Chandigarh. Various types of sports equipments are also available in the city. There are also various shops that sell antique items to decorate your house. Shopping in Chandigarh will be a memorable experience for every traveler.

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