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Bhatinda City Guide - Bhatinda City Punjab, Bhatinda Tour

Bhatinda City Guide - Bhatinda City Punjab, Bhatinda Tour

The city is invested with rich religious and heritage culture. There are several worth seeing places around the city. Some places have historical significance; the others are cohesively related with religion.

Qila Mubarak:
Qila Mubarak The oldest structure in city is constructed of small bricks, also known as Bathinda Fort, has several historical significances. This 1400 years old building has also been a residence of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. There is a Gurudwara inside the fort, which is also popular as a religious place and visit Bhatinda City Guide.

Lakhi Jungle: It is 15 km away from the city. The forest has an old Gurudwara, which is said to have touches of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Rose Garden: This garden is very near the city and a large number of people come here for the picnic.

Chetak Park:
The park is having a lake and boating facility and is a popular picnic spot.

Mazzar of Peer Haji Rattan:
This place is counted as one of the most revered places in the city and a large number of people throng here.

Bhatinda Zoological GardenZoological Garden:
It is a popular picnic spot and has a small zoo in the middle of the forest, which is managed by the forest department

What to Eat in Bhatinda
Like any other renowned city of Punjab, it is also famous for its traditional food. However, you can enjoy South Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies here. There are a number of good hotels, restaurants and dhabas in the city.

What to Shop in the City

Bhatinda City Guide is famous for its agricultural market and cotton handloom weaving. So you can buy a variety of agricultural products and handloom products from here.

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