Friday, 22 March 2013

How to protect your skin from holi colours

how you take care of your invaluable skin. Read on and thank us later-

1) While you dig out old clothes from your wardrobe, make you sure what you wear during the festival covers the maximum of your body so that there will be less of skin exposed. Preferably polo shirts or full-sleeved shirts and old trousers or denims.

2) Smear your exposed body parts with cold cream or oil. The grease and slipperiness of the oil will not let the harsh colours settle deep into your skin.
3) Although we can’t advise you to play Holi indoors, do make sure that you apply a waterproof sunscreen lotion too as it will protect you from getting a severe tan. Also, you can use herbal colours to play with. These are easily available in the market.

4) Keeping yourself hydrated is the trick. So keep drinking water, juices as well as glucose, should you feel the need of re-energising yourself. Dehydration causes your skin to dry and combined with harsh chemicals, the colour might seep into your skin.
5) For your ears and lips, you can use Vaseline or lip-balm respectively to keep them moisturised throughout. Using Vaseline under your nails is also advisable. Dry skin causes the pores to open wide; keeping them tinted and moisturised will do you good.

6) If, while playing Holi, you feel itchiness and irritation make sure you wash the body part immediately with cold water. Once the itchiness subsides, it can be further treated with the use of soothing lotions, like lacto calamine. If the itching still persists, make sure you get it checked with a dermatologist.
7) Once you have enjoyed a playful session with your near and dear ones, it’s time to move to the most difficult part- removing the colours. It is advised to remove them while it’s still wet. Dry colours are difficult to get rid of. However, don’t panic if the colours have dried, it will come off eventually with each shower.

8) Apply a moisturised soap with lukewarm salt water and add a drop of baby oil to it. Remember, you should never rub your face or your body vigorously. It will not help you in removing colours but will cause damage to your skin. A mix of gram powder (besan) with milk can also be used to remove traces of colour. For people who suffer from acne - wash you face with an antibiotic gel such as Clindamycin gel.
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