Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Easy Tips For Make Your Hands Beautiful in Summer

Always apply sunscreen on your hands before going out of house. This would prevent tanning of skin of hands.
After bath, make it a point to pat dry your hands and apply cream on them and massage.
Save your hands from chemicals and fungal infections. After you are through with cleaning or dish washing etc., dry your wet hands and moisturize them. This will restore the moisture and softness of your hands.
Once in a while scrub the skin of hands. It will help removal of dead cells and dirt and clear skin will surface. Later moisturize as well.
Wear hand gloves wherever possible so that skin is saved from external factors.Protect your hands from extreme temperatures as far as possible.
Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Apply cream on them to make them strong and beautiful. Avoid too much of nail paints and cuticle removal processes as they may cause damage in long term.
For younger looking hands, hand exercises are vital. Rotate hands or stretch them. This will increase blood circulation and decrease stiffness in hand muscles and sign of aging·
Last but not the least; apply hand cream thoroughly before going to sleep regularly. It will keep your hands soft and supple.
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