Friday, 3 July 2015

Healthy Balanced Diet for Kids

A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. A balanced diet is a diet plan in which all the essential food groups are present. Because the word suggests, this diet is one thing that has a little of everything. This diet becomes important, especially for kids, since it provides the essential nutritionwhich is important for not just the growth and development of the body, but also for mental and psychological development, and overall health.


Calcium is essential for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Good sources of calcium include dairy products (milk, yoghurt and cheese), green leafy vegetables and bony fish.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is definitely an essential part of a balanced diet for children because it helps the body to soak up calcium. Calcium is important for maintaining healthy bones and prevent them from degeneration. The primary source of Vitamin D is sunlight. So ensure that your kid is getting his daily jaunt within the sun. Other than that, eggs, certain cereals, and some fish will also be recommended.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports little immune systems and it is needed to form collagen, which is essential for that development of healthy bones, gums and blood vessels. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits (lemons, limes and grapefruit), strawberries and broccoli.

Vitamin A

Probably the most important function of vitamin A is to produce a pigment within the eye which helps one see. Additionally, it helps in maintaining healthy teeth and skin, and has antioxidants. This is found in meat, milk, eggs, cheese, cod, vegetables, and carrots.

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