Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yo-Yo Honey Singh becomes the costliest Bollywood singer

With the manner that each and every song of his has been burning the music charts, it was just a matter of time for Yo-Yo Honey Singh to spread his magic in Bollywood. The massively popular Punjabi-cum-English rapper has a cult following amongst Indians (especially Punjabis) all over the world. And hence, it was inevitable when a Bollywood producer would approach the singer with a right amount of remuneration and sign him aboard for a project. But what is mildly surprising is the fact that Honey Singh has become the costliest singer ever to sing for a Bollywood movie, and that too by a huge margin.

Reports tell us that producer Sunil Bohra has signed on the Punjabi sensation at a whopping fee of Rs.70 Lacs, which makes him the most expensive Bollywood singer by a long margin, since the closest that comes to Honey Singh in terms of fee for singing one song is Sonu Nigam, who reportedly charges around Rs.10-12 Lacs. Bohra will have Singh singing for his upcoming movie ‘Mastaan’ which has veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah working with his younger son Vivaan for the first time on-screen.

Bohra, when asked about this by a leading daily, said that the fee was justified and that he is confident that Singh’s song will do wonders for his ‘small’ film. Mr Bohra, we’d say, since you have signed him for a fee almost 10 times what a normal singer would charge, it better do wonders for your film.

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